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Small businesses can remain relevant during COVID 19

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

By Didi & Linda

Now, more than ever, small businesses need to stay relevant.  Our lives are changing.  The way we connect, the way we way shop, the way we exercise, and even the way we eat out have all changed and will continue to be modified as we slowly emerge from our cocoons.  That means we, as small businesses, have to find ways to shift and adjust how we do business in order to survive. One of our favorite quotes right now is we “survive today to thrive tomorrow”. As a business owner, what should you be doing to be able to thrive tomorrow? 

We have to start thinking differently. Consumers are spending a lot of time online, are you?  According to a New York Times article consumer usage on has increased by 27% and has increased by 73% since we all have become home bound. Social media is a great place to start. Be sure you are being relevant and engaging. Respond to comments timely, schedule time to post regularly and have some fun with your social media platforms.  

Once you have that down start thinking outside the box. Be creative, or hire us to be creative for you. We have some idea starters for you below. The ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money they just need to be appealing. 

1. Restaurant BINGO – Gather a coalition of local restaurants and build bingo cards with those participating restaurants. Once a consumer gets bingo, they turn in the card to be entered for a prize drawing. 

2. Virtual Experiences – Destinations, museums, and amusement parks are giving virtual experiences, can you? 

3. Early Purchase Guarantee – This is a great idea for hair dressers or spas. Offer first dibs on appointments or a special discount price for clients who pay in advance. 

4. Trivia Contests – Make a trivia contest about your business on your social media pages. For example, a Nail Salon could ask how many bottles of nail polish do we go through in a month or a year. Closest guess gets a free manicure. 

5. You Tube Videos – Can you educate consumers about your business? Restaurants can show how to cook a dish or a dessert or even make a fancy cocktail. Boutiques can teach about the important basics to have in your wardrobe or how to go from work to a night out with just adding accessories. 

We can survive, even thrive through this. We just have to think differently. Be conscience of emotions and remember to be empathetic as everyone is, in one way or another, affected by this pandemic. Be the light, be the friend, be the neighborhood business everyone can count on. Now go get out there and start making some waves. 

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