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Why Now?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

By Linda Richardson

Why now, during this crazy time would we embark on starting an agency? Why not? Seriously, Didi and I have talked about starting an agency for years. Day to day we would struggle to find the right agency to meet our needs. Often disappointed, we would call each other up and complain and say “we could do this”. Then the world faced a pandemic and we both lost our jobs. So why not, now?

After years of developing and implementing marketing plans for one company at a time, I am excited to work on multiple brands with various needs and goals. I want to put all those years of knowledge gained to use for everyone. Can we help the business just starting out, those struggling, those with new competition, or those who just want to grow their business – oh my gosh, YES.

We are both so creative, have so many contacts, have worked with so many wonderful vendors and know what it takes to get your brand seen and heard by consumers in the marketplace. You are probably thinking, but it’s a crazy time to do any marketing. It really isn’t. We will move past this. What the future of retail and business will look like will be different. How, I am not sure. But what I do know is that consumers will be looking to reengage, to get out, to shop, to get back to “normal” life. And you will want to capitalize on that. Don’t let your competition beat you to it.

How do you capitalize? Well that is where we come in. We can build a plan to help you promote your business as we climb out of this pandemic. We can develop a plan that meets your goals and gets you noticed by consumers. We will help you make waves, not ripples.

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